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    • PLD-C-O-010 Answer Form. It should be on this forum somewhere or will come up on google. You have no way of knowing if this bottom feeder even owns the alleged account at this time (let alone if it's correct) and no reason to believe you would owe them anything.  The only logical conclusion would be to deny the allegations. They have the burden of proof so force them to prove their case or dismiss it.
    • The complaint as brief as possible includes  Breach of Contract, Mortgage Fraud, Tila, RESPA, FDCPA,  All of the parties mentioned below in addition to the law firm for moving forward with a non-judicial foreclosure without a valid Waiver of Borrowers rights and FDCPA violations.   I stopped a non-judicial  foreclosure back in August. The next few months have been spent with documents flying back and forth.  This  is the most frustrating situation I have ever experienced. All the while being the most important one to be fighting. Finally in mid October I  elected federal arbitration via AAA I asked that they initiate.  They replied they needed time  and would have a response by Dec. 2, then Dec 6. Here is my fear.  I had found this re-reading everything I could about AAA.   ---(vi) Abeyance Fee Parties on cases held as inactive for one year will be assessed an annual abeyance fee of $300. If a party refuses to pay the assessed fee, the opposing party or parties may pay the entire fee on behalf of all parties, otherwise the matter will be administratively closed. All filing requirements, including payment of filing fees, must be met before a matter may be placed in abeyance--- I guess the main question is does anyone know who's attention to get to try and settle with HSBC? Because it looks like if I complain and they ignore that 's  it, the complaint is closed?  Why isn't it a default? Anyone who has dealt with HSBC, HFC, Beneficial, add in Caliber also. you are basically ignored. Caliber states they do not know why they sent me a  purchased loan notice., I should ask their servicer.  The notice included a statement and instructions for where to send payments and claimed Caliber was the servicer. A second subsequent claim notice from Caliber now had Beneficial as the Servicer, effective July 1, 2016  All the while Beneficial acting on behalf of Beneficial intended a sale  August 2, 2016  via an alleged deed transfer and assignment to Beneficial from Beneficial of GA HFC then HSBC were the original note , deed and servicers. HSBC claimed they assumed the loan from HFC. The deed was recorded  Beneficial of GA in 2007 In 2009 Transferred and assigned to HFC. Also an Allonge to Countrywide in 2007 was signed at closing .  Honestly that was brief so much went on from the origins to the present. But they ignore facts.  I have had three battles and claims against them. The last just finished in November 2015 NDA  a short while after a CFPB ended a complaint filed in 2012. They don't care, they don't have to. They have nothing to gain. No valid deed,  they used a robo- signed affidavit for a lost note. All robo-signed. The affidant, witness and notary.  The note was an alleged copy of the original had erasure marks where  the signature goes  and scribbling that looked like someone tried to redo our signatures marking  like loops on a signature below and above don't align nor correspond with our alleged signatures. Please note: I did speak to two lawyers when I got the non-judicial notice of sale. In late June all I got was loan mod, bankruptcy and too complicated, too much involved.  So alone and terrified I did prevail because no-one at HFC has a clue how not to break every law statute and right a homeowner has. From my call for an application for a home loan in 2007  lies and deceit to the present lies and deceit.    Mom  
    • please stop posting on this thread clydesmom.  You are obviously bitter about your career (or lack thereof).  You are offering nothing of substance only abuse.
    • Not exactly personal but since you asked:  I have spent 31+ years in the medical field and in 2008 got laid off with 75 other people when our practice closed because of patients who flat out refused to pay their portion of the bill(s).  Try losing your job for that reason after you put in the time, over time, weekends, nights, holidays, and emergencies to render their care.  Patients who don't pay and don't think they should have to fail to realize there is a ripple effect to their not paying the bill.   Your not paying simply drove the cost of care HIGHER. Guess what?  That is the price YOUR insurance carrier agreed to.  Like it or not the system is broken and designed for those who can afford care to pay for those who cannot.  The time to negotiate the price was when you got the bill not after you defaulted, they sold the debt, and you got sued.  So many patients fail to realize that when a bill like that comes they can negotiate those items.  They simply do what you did:  stick up your middle finger and state they aren't paying.   It is personal for me because I am tired of taking care of deadbeats like you who drive up our costs to provide care because you don't think you should have to pay for it.  Yet I still have to show up and give you that care knowing you won't pay.  How is that right? If you don't like those charges just wait til you see what is coming next.  Many providers and hospitals have now started checking your insurance in the ER or admitting before elective procedures and will not render the care unless you pay your estimated out of pocket FIRST.  Why?  Because of patients like you who don't pay after getting the care.  This is becoming WAY more popular and will be prevalent in the industry within 5 years.  How angry will you be when a provider tells you that you cannot get care until you come up with $1000, $2000 or more?  You can look at your not paying and that sale for pennies on the dollar to a junk debt buyer as one of the main reasons.
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