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    • Before you consider CareCredit  you might want to first find the plastic surgeon (BOARD CERTIFIED ONLY) who will do the surgery and discuss the cash pay discount option.  Many surgeons offer a discount if you pay cash vs. financing.  If you have health insurance sometimes it is possible to get rhinoplasty done for health reasons and it would be covered.  A good surgeon knows how to code it correctly so it is approved.  To ensure the surgeon is qualified ask what hospital he has admitting privileges at.  If he doesn't RUN in the opposite direction as fast as you can regardless of whether you are going to use his surgery center or not. The probation fees need to be a priority before anything else because a violation could cause more problems than the nose. See if you can do a pay for delete on the collection that is reporting.  Some people don't believe in them but see if you can get a secured card (Cap1 is pretty lenient) that will start reporting now so that when you deal with the negative you have positive information already reporting and will likely be approved for an unsecured card.  
    • Nose Job/Rhinoplasty: The Best Way I am in desperate need of a nose job and have been needing one for years. I'm just now focusing on getting my credit score/report in line because I realize that's basically the only way to do it. My nose has caused me a lot of anxiety/depression problems in the past and I'm finally trying my best to do something about it. I'm currently paying off all my debt and then plan on building my credit score with a some credit cards (like two maybe) until my score is high enough to get approved for CareCredit (which is a medical credit card that covers cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty). I am just wondering what kind of tips & tricks anyone could possibly offer me to get this done the fastest way possible! I currently have some probation fees to pay off (like $480 or so) and a collection from Westar Energy on my credit report that I need to pay in full (about the same, $480 something) before I really focus on getting a credit card(s) and paying them off to build my credit enough to apply for CareCredit, for then to finally get the nose job surgery done. So that's my full situation right now. Any advise is welcome!
    • One of the issues that I did not discuss much is filing a motion for SJ claiming the JDB lacks standing, at that point the Plaintiff has to come forth with admissible evidence or the case gets tossed.
    • Mary Jane Elliott do some shady things. I have a consumer law attorney who loves to beat up their attorneys. They are getting slick, no breach of contract claim to get around the need to produce an agreement. It is an open account claim. They need to attach the assignment to the complaint, which they did not. That affidavit does not do squat, it is there to appear that Midland has standing. It cannot be used to prove they have standing or that the debt is actually owed. This is where people on here get tripped up. They need an actual statement showing the debt or the agreement, not some made up statement that was made for the sole means of litigation. Right now, there affidavit is hearsay. This is very simple to defend.  
    • You have NOTHING to lose by making another offer.  Here is where you are at:  you low balled them and they didn't bite.  They gave you terms and you chose not to go with it and submit financial hardship information.  You can make another offer.  They will accept or reject it and you can decide based on how they do that what your next move will be. Most attorneys are loathe to take any case whether it is arbitration or litigation after the client has handled much of it pro-se.  Too many problems and often the case is a mess and they don't want the liability when they can't clean it up and solve it to the client's satisfaction. Here is the problem in your case:  a bad case in court is a bad case in arbitration.  The goal of arbitrating with an aggressive original creditor like AMEX is not to win in arbitration or court but get the best possible settlement.  AMEX has ALL the proof they need be it in court or arb to prove that you owe them the money. My opinion:  you made a colossal error offering a known aggressive creditor like AMEX 10%.  Simple research on this forum and even the other one would have told you that the best possible settlement was likely 30-40%.  If it were me I would counter with 30% offer and the explanation of unemployment and see if they bite or at least counter with 40%.  If they did I would grab it and run because the arbitrator has already told you she is not going to allow you to drag this out.  The problem with that theory on the other board is the majority of them have failed to accept that in the past few years tactics have changed and even JAMS does not allow "dragging things out" to run up the costs.  
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