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Getting Your Credit Score - Free Credit Score Offers

Knowing Your Credit Score is Essential - Ways to Get Your Free Credit Score

Last Updated: February 2016

According to recent statistics, the number of Americans with poor credit (below 600) as risen from 15 percent to over 25 percent. That equates to about 43 million Americans with sub-par credit, which in the long run costs these individuals more money in interest payments due to higher interest rates on loans and credit cards.

Many of these consumers are unaware of their poor credit standing because they do not realize there are numerous ways to obtain their credit score as well as their credit report. You can now obtain a free credit score and other helpful methods of watching your credit such as monitoring, alerts, and ID theft prevention.

The following tips will help you choose the product best for you. We have listed our recommendation with each agencies features and benefits so you can shop for the best product.





  • Free Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus
  • Free 7-day Trial Membership
  • $39.95/month After Trial Period


  • Free Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus
  • Free 7-day Trial Membership
  • $39.95/month After Trial Period
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