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Good Credit Is Sexy - Complete Guide to Credit Repair and Debt Settlement

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Credit Repair

Good Credit is Sexyhas garnered rave reviews! Listen to what people are saying:

  • "I just love your book!" - Kathleen Sullivan, Head Librarian, Phoenix Public Libraries. (She ordered a bunch of them!)

  • "Highly recommended." Erskine, radio host, "Erskine Overnight"

You will learn:

  • What it takes to repair flabby credit in record time.
  • Surprising works-every-time mortgage secrets that get a loan officer's best deal.
  • Why paying your credit card bill by the due date is not enough to avoid late fees.
  • How to get rid of junk mail which is not only annoying but makes it easy for thieves to steal your identity.
  • Why credit card companies can raise your interest rate without your permission.
  • Time-tested methods for getting and staying debt free.
  • Tips on escaping credit card debt (often paying less than owed)...without resorting to debt-counseling agencies or bankruptcy.
  • Why non-profit debt consolidation companies are robbing Americans blind.
  • Who's most susceptible to credit-damaging identify theft.
  • Why you're wrong if you think divorce papers put an end to joint debts.
  • Why auto-leasing rip-offs are so common.
  • How student loans work and how to handle student loan default.

Whether your credit is good or bad, you need to know about it. It affects your every day life!

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