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Credit Repair Letters to Send to Credit Reporting Bureaus

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Sample Letters for Unique Circumstances

The letters listed below are for special circumstances which may occasionally come up while you are fixing your credit. We have given you some guidelines for using these letters but you have to make sure to edit them to fit your situation. Do not just copy and paste these letters. We are giving you merely a starting point from which to begin addressing these types of special circumstances.

Please note: You will NEVER find the exact letter for your situation. You have to change the language in these sample letters to match your situation - don't be afraid to do this. Late payments, bankruptcies, charge-offs are all interchangeable terms on these credit repair and debt validation letters. You don't know how many times we've heard the question, "Do you have a letter for disputing a bankruptcy?" The answer is YES, you take out the words "this credit card" and substitute "this bankruptcy" in the credit dispute letter - get the idea? The reasons for disputes are also interchangeable.

Also, please READ the letters before sending them off to make sure you are addressing all of your contentions. If you just copy and paste the wording from your sample letters, you will fail in your efforts. These sample letters are meant to give you ideas on what to say. Don't get hung up on crafting the perfect letter - just know what you are saying and make sure they will understand what you are presenting to them.

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