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30 Day Dispute Period Has Passed

30 Day Dispute Period Has Passed - Credit Bureaus Must Delete Disputed Accounts - Sample Letter 21

If you have written a dispute letter to a credit bureau disputing the accuracy of an account, they have 30 days to investigate the account and if they cannot verify the information within 30 days, they must delete the information.

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Credit Bureau Name
Credit Bureau Address

To Whom It May Concern,

I sent a letter to you disputing 5 accounts as erroneous on (date) and mailed them certified, return receipt requested. I received notice in the mail that you received the dispute letter on (date). It is now (date) and I have not received a response from you. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section § 611 (a) (5), you have 30 days to investigate disputes. If you cannot verify the information within the 30 day time period, you must delete all of the disputed accounts from my report. You must now delete the disputed and unverified accounts. Failure to do so can result in a $1,000 fine per undeleted item.

Enclosed find a copy of the receipt showing when you received my credit dispute and a copy of my original letter showing all the accounts I have disputed.

Thanks in advance to your timely response to this request.


Your Signature

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