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In this ever increasing litigious society, one day you may find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Or, you may want to sue a collection agency for harassment. The majority of us don't have a "lawyer on staff" or know the first thing about what do if you are sued or how to go about suing someone else. Have no fear - we have all the basic information you will need to navigate your way through litigation. We can't stress enough, we are not lawyers and any and all information on our site is for information purposes only. If you have any questions regarding litigation, it is best to seek the advice of a licensed attorney in your state.

Handling a Lawsuit Filed Against You by a Debt Collector

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - Fair Credit Reporting Act - Statute of Limitations

Lawsuit Against Credit Bureau or Collection Agency

Consumer Credit Attorney, State Specific Requirements and Case Law References

Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney List of Consumer Credit Attorneys
Licensing Requirements for Collection Agencies Automobile Repossession Laws by State
Sources to Specific Court Rulings Small Claims Courts Listed by State
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