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4 Very Good Reasons for DIY Credit Repair

January 10th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Credit Repair

by Kristy Welsh

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

4 Very Good Reasons for DIY Credit RepairIt’s true, some credit repair companies can and do offer helpful, legitimate credit repair services. However, if you have the time and interest, you are far better served repairing your credit yourself. Here’s why.

1) Nobody cares about your credit more than you do. Granted, credit repair companies get paid to care, but what they lack is the emotional experience that brought you to this point. Only you know what life has looked and felt like all this time you’ve been living with bad credit. And only you know what your hopes and dreams look and feel like for the future. Bottom line, the more you care about cleaning up your credit, the better the job you’ll do.

2) All the resources you need are readily available here at From analyzing your credit report, to disputing negative listings, we walk you through the entire credit repair process. These are all free resources, including a 12-part video series and an interactive community forum where you can ask questions and find support from those who have experienced the same.

3) You’ll save money. Though no reputable credit repair company should ask you for money up-front, before they have provided any services, you will, of course, ultimately be expected to pay them. But there is nothing a credit repair company can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. So why not take the time to review the do-it-yourself credit repair process and save yourself money that can either go toward paying down debt (that you weren’t able to have removed via the credit repair process) or go straight into savings.

4) You’ll learn things that will positively inform the way you manage your credit for the rest of your life. Just reading about credit repair doesn’t compare to the hands-on experience of actually going through the process. By repairing your own credit, you’ll gain a deeper level of understanding about what affects your credit and how.

Now, if you are so inclined, you can start repairing your own credit today.


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  • Mary Kaplan

    Wow, this is great information to know. Thanks for sharing free instructions to those of us who need to repair our credit. You are so right that doing it ourselves will really magnify what got us in trouble in the first place. If we want to look for a legitimate credit repair company, how can we tell which ones are good and which ones we should avoid? What is the typical fee for services rendered? Do they take a percentage of the credit paid off? Thanks for sharing such important information!

  • Kathy Richards

    Glad you enjoyed the information. The fees really vary from company to company so you just have to do your homework before signing up. Also, check with BBB to see if there are any complaints against the company you are considering.

  • Joe

    Hi, I’ve read the credit repair info on the site and have printed out letters to dispute things. My question, though, is should I mail everything to one credit bureau in one envelope or should I put them in separate ones and just flood them with so many disputes?

  • Kristy Welsh

    You can actually write only one letter to the credit bureaus, you don’t need to send them a bunch of letters. As long as you clearly identify each account and the reason for the dispute, they have to investigate each dispute legally.

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