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Are You Letting a Bad Credit Score Define You?

February 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · Credit Scores

by Credit Info Center

Man Making Credit Score Center of His World

When you have bad credit, it’s easy to let it get you down. And understandably so, as it affects so much of your financial life; even employment, in some cases. But the last thing you need to do is let it define who you are a as a person. Here’s why.

A credit score is a number; not a person.

It doesn’t always feel like that when you’re trying to get a loan. When your credit score is judged, you feel judged, and that doesn’t feel good.

If you find yourself feeling that way, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You are more than a credit score or anything to do with your financial situation. Take a break, take a breath, and make a list, if you have to, of all the things that matter more.

The more you identify with your credit score, the less likely you are to change it.

You do have that power, you know? To change it, I mean. All it takes is a lot of initiative and a little know-how. But if you’ve just accepted the fact that you’re someone with bad credit, then that initiative may never come. Because you can certainly live with bad credit. The question is, is that the life you want?

The situations that resulted in bad credit are in the past. The person who is going to get you out of it is who you are today.

Whether it took 6 months for your credit to tank, or 6 years, the situations that got you there have nothing to do with the situations that are going to get you out of it. Even if you are 100 percent to blame – for late payments, collections, charge-offs – you’re a different person now.

You know your mistakes, you’ve lived the repercussions, and you want to turn things around. All that you’re missing is belief you can do it and the steps to get you there.

Now on to practical matters: this for the initiative and this for the know-how.

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