4 Popular Ways to Make and Save Money in a Sharing Economy

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4 Popular Ways to Make and Save Money in a Sharing EconomyDoing business with your peers is all the rage these days, a socio-economic system otherwise known as the sharing economy.

While the essence of it is an ancient one – the trading of goods and services – technology has propelled the sharing economy to epic heights.

Whether you’re looking to make money, save money, or a little bit of both, here are some good places to start (if you haven’t already).

1)      Goods.

Instead of buying brand new, or kicking your perfectly fine discards to the curb, buy or sell via the secondhand option. eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are great options for countless things. You should also give Poshmark and Threadflip a go for gently-used clothes, and CarDaddy for used vehicles.

2)      Services.

Instead of hiring a company to do it for you, or taking on full-time work as a service provider, buy or sell services via sites like TaskRabbit and Fiverr. TaskRabbit is for general tasks and chores, from mowing the lawn to delivering groceries. Fiverr is geared more toward specialized professional services, from copywriting and video production, to programming and graphic design.

3)      Lodging.

Instead of paying for an expensive room in a hotel, opt for the cheaper and more personalized option via sites like Airbnb. Or, on the flipside, make a few extra bucks here and there renting out your own extra room (or entire home). While Airbnb is the industry leader, other popular options are Wimdu, VRBO, Roomorama, and 9Flats.

"A business is simply an idea to make other people's lives better." ~Richard Branson4)      Transportation.

Instead of calling a cab or renting a car, let the locals get you there via sites like Uber and Lyft. Or, if you are a local, throw your chauffeur’s cap into the ring.

Any of these sites you’d swear by? Any others you’d add to the list?

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