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Written by: Kristy Welsh

#1 Source For Free Credit Repair and Debt Settlement Information

In 1995, credit expert Kristy Welsh founded Credit Info Center, back when there was very little information online about credit repair. We started out small, offering free information on how to fix simple errors you might find on your credit reports. Over the next 23 years, we added more topics — credit cards, debt, mortgage loans, bankruptcy, and investing, just to name a few. We also started publishing a blog and newsletter to keep readers up-to-date.

Today, Credit Info Center is the #1 source for free information on credit repair, debt settlement, credit reports, and increasing your credit score. We update regularly so our readers are assured the information they are getting is current. Why is that important? Because when you are fixing your credit or dealing with a legal issue, you need to know the most recent techniques or, in some situations, court cases, that can be applied to your situation.

Credit Info Center strives to provide high quality and accurate information that is 100 percent free, either through our well-written articles or blog posts. Add to that our discussion forum, visited by hundreds of people a day, and this is the best place to start when fixing your credit.

How Can You Start Repairing Your Credit?

Our site is jam-packed with information, but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Simply go to the "hub" page covering the topic you're interested in — say, "Credit Repair" — and you will find a complete listing of helpful articles to get you started on your journey.

You can also visit our blog, updated regularly with timely, relevant information on today’s hot topics.

Lastly, our forum is a great place to ask questions or just see what others are talking about. Join in on the conversation and get the information you need.

Need Help With Credit Repair?

We understand that repairing your own credit can be a daunting task. That's why we have teamed up with the credit repair specialists at Lexington Law. Our main office is near Lexington’s legal campus, which makes it easy for us to visit with them often to meet with their team. We want to make sure they are repairing credit in the same ethical manner as we propose on our website. So, if you would rather rely on an expert to repair your credit, call Lexington Law for a free consultation and credit report summary. You’ll be glad you did!

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And please, reach out with questions anytime. We are here to help you repair your credit by giving you the information and tools you need to remove negative information from your credit reports, thus increasing your credit score.

Your life, and your finances, will be much better with good credit, so start today and let Credit Info Center help you achieve your goals!