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Written by: Kristy Welsh

Disclaimers Pertaining to the Information in

What is here is true to the best of our understanding but we are only human. We are not attorneys, bankers, a collection agency, or a credit card issuer. We just like distributing free, useful information to the public. So a word to the wise: before you rely on any of the information here, check it out for yourself.

The information on this site relates to law and custom in the U.S. and should not be taken as a guide to consumer credit in other nations. Also, it concentrates on federal law as opposed to state laws, which vary widely. State law may give you important protections in addition to those from federal law but in every state you have at least the protections derived from federal law and listed here. We're always interested in state and local comparisons, but by design omit almost all state information from this collection.

Other Resources

The Federal Reserve System publishes a series of pamphlets that describe your legal rights and advise you on conducting your financial affairs. Most are free or cost well under $1. You can get a free index of them from your nearest Federal Reserve Bank. Ask for the catalog "Public Information Materials." If you don't know where the nearest Federal Reserve Bank is, any bank can tell you.

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council puts out a booklet called Consumer Rights. It lists federal laws that protect consumer rights and explains how to make complaints against financial institutions. You can pick up a copy in the literature rack at the Federal Reserve Bank or you can write to the Council at 1776 G Street NW, Suite 850B, Washington DC 20006. You might also ask for this at your local library.

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