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Get to Know Kristy Welsh, Our Founder

By: Staff
Kristy Welsh, Author and Founder

When credit expert Kristy Welsh founded Credit Info Center in 1995, she was something of a pioneer. There just wasn’t much online at the time about how to repair your credit. So, Kristy set about creating quality content that eventually turned Credit Info Center into the #1 website for free information on everything credit.

Of course, she had a roundabout way of getting there.

Kristy Welsh started her career as a mechanical engineer, from which she segued into software programming, which she described as “a fun new way to do engineering.” Still, 8 years later, she was ready to try something new.

During the process of refinancing her home, the financing company offered Kristy a job as a loan officer. She signed on and so began her immersion into all things credit. Beyond that, though, Kristy saw firsthand the unmet need among consumers for help understanding and repairing their credit.

“The sanest people go berserk when it comes time to buy a house,” says Kristy of her time as a loan officer. “I learned to calmly and sympathetically say, ‘I would feel the same way you do. You're right, this situation isn't fair. Let's do something about it.’”

Every day as a loan officer, Kristy learned something new about credit.

“I specialized in working with people who were mostly B, C, and D credit,” says Kristy, “which they call subprime these days. I learned to fix people's credit not only because I'm a nice person and I hate to see nice people get screwed, but also because my livelihood depended on closing loans. If a loan didn't close due to credit, I didn't get paid.”

As rewarding as it was helping people make their dreams of homeownership come true, being a loan officer was a high-stress job. Kristy left it behind for a new mission that combined two of her greatest strengths — credit and software.

Right around the time when the internet was really exploding, Kristy created a subscription-based mortgage/real estate site.

“I thought, why not publish what I knew about credit as an added bonus?” says Kristy of the site’s content. “So, my staff and I banged out the first nine pages of what was to become Credit Info Center in 1995 over the course of a couple of weeks.”

All of sorts of things have developed since then:

  • Many times we’ve given the site a comprehensive overhaul to reflect major changes in the law
  • In 2001, Kristy published her book, Good Credit Is Sexy
  • In 2008, Kristy started blogging, keeping readers current on all things credit

Today, Credit Info Center is still the #1 place to find credit repair information. We also cover all sorts of other personal finance topics, including budgeting, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, debt management, debt collection, bankruptcy, investing, retirement, and more.

Kristy Welsh is still a regular contributor to our site, blog, and discussion forum. She also serves as a leading credit expert for other sites, including,, and Lexington Law.

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