Articles on Payday Lending — Predatory Lending, High Interest Rates

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Payday Loan Articles

You might think getting a payday loan is fast and easy – which it is – but there is a monster lurking underneath. Before you even think about going to one of those suspect offices requesting a payday loan, make sure you totally understand the risks involved. You just might wish you asked your mom for the money instead!

Understanding Payday Loans — What is a payday loan? How does a payday loan work? Are there alternatives to payday loans? Answers to these and many other questions can be found here.

Payday Loans be Cheaper than Checking Overdraft Fees? — See if it might be cheaper to bounce a check than taking out a payday loan.

Get Out of Payday Loan Hell — It’s bad enough having to go the route of getting a payday loan, but even worse is not being unable to pay back a payday loan. This is that slippery slope of payday loan hell — learn how to get out.

Military Payday Loan Protections — Payday lending is rampant among military personnel for a number of reasons. Living on base with a family has it’s challenges, which is why our service personnel fall victim to these expensive and easy loans. Get the facts.

Payday Loans Can Cost a Small Fortune — Did you know some payday loans can have an interest rate of over 459 percent? Get the facts regarding these loans and the interest charged for this easy money.

Paying Utilities With a Payday Loan — Low income, minority, elderly, and female customers are turning to payday loans to pay their utilities. Get the facts about this growing trend.

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