Articles on Protecting Your Credit During a Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be painful and it can affect your finances. On top of having to sort through all of your possessions, you will also have to deal with all of the joint credit accounts you and your future ex-spouse share. While in the first stages of marital bliss, you both probably signed for a new car, checking accounts, and a new house. Now, you will have to unwind all of these debts and determine who will be responsible for which ones.

Making sure you and your spouse handle the financial division as fairly as possible, will lessen any credit surprises down the road. Here are some articles to help you through this difficult time and to steer you in the right direction when it comes to building credit on your own.2

Myths About Divorce Decrees — The finalization of your divorce is the issuance of a divorce decree by the court. But, don’t think this absolves you from all debt obligations.

How to Protect Your Credit During a Divorce — Protecting your credit score and credit history during a divorce is vitally important. Here are some tips to keep your credit in good shape during and after a divorce.

How to Rebuild Your Credit After a Divorce — After the divorce is final, then it is time to start rebuilding and establishing new credit. We have some tips on how to build up your credit.

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