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Budget and Save Your Money - Save for Retirement and Medical Bills

Articles on Budgeting and Saving Your Money

Budgeting and saving money do not have to be dirty words. Some may not like the word "budget," but if you are reading the information on this site chances are it's because you've gotten in over your head with spending. No credit recovery plan is complete without learning to manage your money. We're not talking Ebeneezer Scrooge here. Just a little mindfulness over where your money is going and how to save your money for future retirement, medical expenses, or unexpected events life may throw at you. Below are some articles ranging from saving for retirement, saving for unexpected medical expenses, to how to set up a saving account. 

Saving Money for Retirement or Medical Expenses

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Financial Advice While Saving Your Money

Tips for Saving Money

Open a Savings Account and Find Extra Money

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