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Making Valentines Day Affordable - How to Say I Love You on a Budget

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Celebrate Valentine's Day On a Budget

Last Updated: April 18, 2016

According to a recent survey, Valentine's Day is the second most expensive holiday of the year — Christmas being number one. It is the holiday where you are suppose to say "I Love You" to your significant other, which to some means spending a lot of money on a gift. This does not have to be the case for the cash strapped individual trying to get out of debt. Don't let Valentine's Day be another expense that keeps you from getting ahead in your personal finances.

When is comes to Valentine's Day spending, Americans spent over $18 billion in 2017 on candy, flowers, jewelry, cards, and dining out. The average person spent $136.57, which was down 96 cents from 2016. The biggest expense was candy, 49.7 percent, followed by greeting cards at 46.9 percent.

Tips for Valentines Gifts on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget, looking to get out of debt, or just plain fed up with the commercialization involved with Valentine's Day, here are a few gift ideas that say "I Love You" without putting you further in debt. They may even improve your love life!

  1. Write a poem or intimate message to your sweetheart and include it in the card you give him or her. You would be amazed at the reaction you get when the words you present are your own. Of course this will require you to sit down for a while, dedicate some time, any really put you thoughts to paper.
  2. Put together a box of personal favorites, such as a favorite candy bar, magazine, or some other little item that will show them you are attuned to their smallest desires.
  3. Give them a back rub. This intimate gift will do wonders for your relationship!
  4. How about writing and including a song with your greeting? Again, because the words and the sentiment are your won, they are guaranteed to get a positive response.
  5. Cook them their favorite meal at home. This is more intimate and far less expensive than going to a crowded, overpriced restaurant.

If you really feel the need to spend money and buy something, here are a few ideas for inexpensive alternatives to the normal Valentine's Day gift giving:

  1. Give your significant other a plant instead of a dozen roses that will die in a couple of weeks. Plants can be purchased inexpensively and dressed up real nice with ribbons, bows, and balloons. A simple or homemade card with your personal feelings can top the whole thing off.
  2. How about giving a small teddy bear with some candy attached? This is sentimental gift that is sure to please.
  3. A cake from the local bakery is a great idea, very inexpensive, and a great gift if your sweetheart has a sweet tooth.
  4. How about giving a break from cooking? Bring home dinner home instead of having to cook, and don't forget the inexpensive wine; many wines now rate highly at a lower price.

Valentine's Day does not have to cost a fortune. It actually has more meaning when gifts are from the heart. These inexpensive and free gifts are especially great if both you and your sweetheart are on the same page financially.

So take a step to turn around what would otherwise be another expensive holiday, and you just might find an emotional boost that strengthens your relationship!