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    • Do you have judgments against you or just old accounts?   DO NOT do this.  There are serious tax consequences to doing this and I am not entirely certain the money would be safe. I would suggest opening a pre-paid debit card to have the paycheck deposited to.  You are worrying about the bank account specifically but NY allows creditors to garnish paychecks so if they were going to take your money they would do that before a bank levy.
    • Possibly.  I'm no tax expert, but this is potentially opening a huge can of worms as far as your taxes go. Your current employer would be paying your 'business' at an employee tax rate, and your 'business' would be paying you, possibly at a much higher 'self employment' rate.  I'd talk to a tax professional before i did anything like this.  It would be easier to set up a checking account with an online only bank (like Capital One, for example). It takes time and resources to locate bank accounts, and most judgment creditors only look for accounts at banks in your state.  Have they gotten an order to levy your bank accounts yet? They have to do that before they can take anything from your accounts. 
    • Were you sent a collection letter that contained the 30-day validation notice?  Finding an entry on your credit report is not an initial communication that triggers your right to request validation. While reporting to CRAs is considered a collection activity, where does your state law say that a license is required before an account can be reported on your CR?
    • The company I work for is making me get direct deposit. I don't have a bank account because I'm afraid my creditors will freeze the funds.  I was laid off about 9 years ago and my credit and my life were destroyed. I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I've rebuilt my credit quite a bit but still haven't recovered completely.  If my paycheck was frozen it would be devastating. My question is if I created a business and opened a business checking account could I safely direct deposit paychecks from my job into that account without my creditors taking it?
    • They do have hardship programs.  Talk to them. Explain the situation.  They would almost certainly work out a payment plan rather than having to sue.   Realize, if you make the payment plan and don’t keep up with it then you are in trouble.  
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