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    • I don’t know the RCP for your court.    You DO need to know the rules.    What I do know is this: 1.  If you don’t follow the RCP to the letter, you could be in big trouble.     2.  If there is a court order to court schedule to do something by such and such a time you need to do it.    3. The bar attorneys will almost always be given leeway that you are not.     You mentioned you refused to talk to a particular attorney because he was being a jerk.  That could really backfire on you 
    • I apologize for not answering before now. I'll try to get everything in here to answer everyone’s recent questions. I was told by their in house counsel that they were hiring outside counsel from my state and not to contact them directly. They also gave me the name of their local to me attorney they had supposedly retained. I've looked them up and they didn't even give me the correct name plus they have horrible reviews, so I'm not sure considering their behavior that they have actually retained them. Something else that also makes me think they have not retained outside counsel is that the other day I received their defense. They actually had a messenger deliver it directly to me. However, the envelope was open and it did not have any firm name on it as if they didn’t want any proof they sent it to me. However, when I checked the court site today, it reflected their Proof of service of Exchange and Submission of Evidence, but no substitution of attorney. I don't plan on responding to them because on TurboCourt they told me not to contact them directly and gave me the name of the supposed local attorney so there should be no expectation of me sending them anything. So unless anything changes between now and court, I am just going to go to court and present my case. And if they play any games there, I will present all the behinds the scenes stuff they have been doing. I expect adversarial; it’s the games and unprofessional behavior I’m tired of.   *** For the record, I told them that I wouldn’t speak to ONE person in particular and that if they had anything to tell me it had to go through someone else on their side. I called the first rep/attorney who contacted me and told her that shortly after I ended the bad call; she told me she understood and would relay that message. I never said I wouldn’t speak to them at all. THEY are the ones who said that. Also there seems to be some miscommunication about the meet and confer. They called me unexpectedly and we set up a time to talk. That time came and went and they did not call. When they called again (ELEVEN DAYS LATER), they did so unexpectedly and when I said I couldn’t talk, that’s when the one went crazy. When I brought up the missed meet and confer, they then pivoted to “adhering to CA rules means using TurboCourt”… yet then when they wanted to call me, they did.***
    • I followed all the steps here to fight Midland and I won. 5/21 Case filed in Court 8/5 Personally served at my home 8/18 Filed an answer 8/19 Trial scheduled for 10/15 8/23 I filed motion to compel arbitration 9/29 Lawyer filed for summary judgement 9/30 Date scheduled for 10/8 to hear summary judgement motion 10/8 I appeared in court to respond to the summary judgement. I asked the judge to rule on my motion to compel arbitration which was filed 8/23. The judge ordered a stay on the motion and advised me to send a letter within 30 days showing I initiated arbitration. Lawyer was pissed by the way 11/3 I sent a letter to the court showing I paid $250 to JAMS to initiate arbitration 11/11 Lawyer called to ask advise they were dropping the case with prejudice and sent me a stipulation of dismissal to sign 12/8 Stipulation of dismissal with prejudice filed by the court   Original debt was to PayPal for $3500  
    • Adding more thoughts:  it is very unlikely that a JDB would spend $5000 to collect $1600.  They have thousands of these judgments, that are like a portfolio of investments.  Some percentage of them will pay off every year, as houses are sold.  And the judgments earn interest.  They just wait until the property is sold, then they can collect their money.
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