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    • I did object to the attorney filing a notice to appear.   A few weeks later I received a letter from AAA stating they would not administer my case or any other consumer case filed against the company because the company hadn't complied with AAA's policies.  (It's worth noting that the company has had a couple class action suits filed against them and they filed an MTCA in each to try to get the cases out of court.) The attorney made an extremely low settlement offer and I countered last week.  (I'm still awaiting a response.)  If we're not able to settle within the next few weels, I'll have to start preparing a complaint to file in court because I have an SOL coming up in March. I'd prefer to handle this in arbitration because I'd be protected by a $200 cost/fee cap.  I also believe arbitration would be easier for me to navigate as a pro se.  If I need to file in court to freeze the SOL, and they filed an MTCA, I could always agree to arbitration if they paid my filing fee.  That would freeze the SOL and get this back to arbitration. Reminder:  This case doesn't involve credit/debt. 
    • Thank you! I'll type that up later and post, do you mind taking a look? So they have until Tuesday to pay AAA (my fee was waived.) we have a paper review hearing ordered by the judge on Feb 18.
    • They CAN, but if you have already started working on an alternative like suing, you have a right to object to the re-opening at this stage. Alternatively, I would state that I stipulate to reopening the case, however I object to resubmitting any filing fee and request that the company pay the full filing fee.
    • Send a DV like the others suggested. A very simple, single line dispute.  If you are positive this is over 7 years old, you have the option of simply telling them to never contact you again.  If you want to tell them to FOAD-off, then do NOT ask for validation, simply say "Do not contact me any further regarding this matter".  Make a copy of this before you send it and send it certified mail.  Keep the copy and certified receipt in a safe place.  If they do contact you again after receiving your letter, you should take all your proof to an attorney and get a bonus check from them.
    • I would check your court rules and see if they are allowed to dismiss on their own after an answer is filed or a stay due to motion is in place.  Most courts say that in these instances, only a dismissal by stipulation is allowed.  This means an agreement between both parties.  If your court rules say that it must be a stipulated dismisal you have a choice to make.  You can allow them to circumvent the rules and take this dismissal without prejudice, or you can file an objection and state that the Plaintiff did not make any attempt to contact you and make any stipulation of dismissal per court rule [cite rule number]. I would then state that, nonetheless, Defendant will agree to a dismissal with prejudice in this case and ask the court to make this order.  This is the course I would go, personally.
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