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  2. I guess use the one the clerk gave you. Fill it in the best you can.
  3. @Brotherskeeper I only see that form you gave me also. Because thats the one thw clerk gave me. Should I use that onw still?
  4. Here's the rule that describes what you must do: Va. R. Sup. Ct. 1:12 - Service of Papers after the Initial Process All pleadings, motions and other papers served after the initial process in an action and not required to be served otherwise and requests for subpoenas duces tecum shall be served by delivering, dispatching by commercial delivery service for same-day or next-day delivery, transmitting by facsimile, transmitting by electronic mail when Rule 1:17 so provides or when consented to in writing signed by the person to be served, or by mailing, a copy to each counsel of record on or before the day of filing. Subject to the provisions of Rule 1:17, service pursuant to this Rule shall be effective upon such delivery, dispatch, transmission or mailing. Service by electronic mail under this Rule is not effective ifthe party making service learns that the attempted service did not reach the person to be served. At the foot of such pleadings and requests shall be appended either acceptance of service or a certificate of counsel that copies were served as this Rule requires, showing the date of delivery and method of service, dispatching, transmitting, or mailing. When service is made by electronic mail, a certificate of counsel that the document was served by electronic mail shall be served by mail or transmitted by facsimile to each counsel of record on or before the day of service. Va. Sup. Ct. 1:12 Amended by Order dated March 1, 2011; effective May 2, 2011; amended by order dated March 1, 2011, effective May 2, 2011; amended October 31, 2018, effective January 1, 2019.
  5. I would just use the one I provided if you are able to draft it on your computer and print it out. I would save time. I wasn't able to find a fill-in Virginia court form. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  6. The form you posted looks like it's for use by plaintiffs in serving defendants with the lawsuit papers, like a Complaint. It appears that it is filled out and signed by a "Serving Officer" to show how the papers were delivered. I don't know if this is the right form for you to use or not. The example I posted above titled Certificate of Service is what is usually used for motions like yours. Midland's name would appear first in the court case headings (plaintiff v defendant, case number, etc.) because Midland is the plaintiff--the party who filed the lawsuit. When you have to put your court case heading on your documents, you use the same one as the plaintiff. When you are providing a "sworn" proof of service certificate to state that you mailed or gave a copy of your motion to the plaintiff, your name will be located where the "sender" of the document is indicated.
  7. @Brotherskeeper ok making sure because its saying online it should be my name first. Thats why I wanted to ask you so I dont mess it up even more.
  8. @Brotherskeeper Yes thank you I remember just havent printed it. But just to be sure on the side my name should be first vs midland right? And there ade questions on the back and i dont understand what to do.
  9. @Luvmybabas You should prepare a proof of mailing called "certificate of service" to give the court clerk. You put in the date and method of mailing. For example, USPS first class mail, if you mail it at the US post office. Put in UPS if you're mailing it from there. If you do it by electronic file, you say that. Then you sign it. Your name and "Defendant pro se" go just under the signature line. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on the ____ day of June, 2020, I mailed a complete copy of the foregoing Motion to Compel Arbitration papers to the plaintiff by ________________at the address given by plaintiff. ___________________________________________________ XXXXXXXXX, Defendant pro se
  10. @Brotherskeeper Yes you are right. Thank you I think I still have time. Im back at the UPS.
  11. I don't know what will happen. I think the court clerk will accept your motion into the system. I don't know what the judge will do. The virus didn't really affect you and your technical difficulties with Adobe Reader. If I were in your shoes, I'd get this to the court tomorrow and take my chances. I'd mail it to the plaintiff to at least give them the time to read it according to your court rules.
  12. @Brotherskeeper Can the judge deng it if its late already . U think I will get approve for continuance. Should i say something like I didnt have time to get my papers ready because of the corona virus. I just wanna have options just incase he wont accept it. Sorry if im bothering you alot. Your the only one whose been with me.
  13. The only way to know is to try--in the morning as soon as you can.
  14. @Brotherskeeper Yes it really is, I was about to cry in there because I really wanted to get this done because they sued me before. Oh i can still do it tmorrow?
  15. I know it's frustrating. Everything goes wrong at the last minute. The clerk's office will reopen in the morning. You can't help the technical difficulties. All you can do is try to move forward. Lawyers make mistakes all the time. Make certain you have an big envelope addressed to Midland with the attorney's address ready to go out. You will have to mail to them what you're submitting to the court. The clerk will probably ask you if you have done so.
  16. @Brotherskeeper yes i was struggling wirh sending rhe papers to ups print. Because the thing I was editing was messing me up because it was pdf form so it didnt fit I'm not familiar with the Adobe Reader so it took me a long time. Im so upset right now
  17. @Luvmybabas Were you able to make the all the changes I suggested? You will have to get this in to the court tomorrow.
  18. @Brotherskeeper i didnt make it still here at the printer place
  19. @Luvmybabas Please go back when you have a chance and edit your earlier post with your name and address on it. @Brotherskeeper has already answered with excellent advice. If you have to post something with personal information, either send it in a PM to @Brotherskeeper or else delete after it is answered.
  20. @Luvmybabas When you get this done, proof read to make certain your numbered statements go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. You have cut and pasted this document and you want the numbers not to be out of order.
  21. @Luvmybabas Because you aren't submitting a sworn affidavit due to time contraints, I would suggest you include this statement just above your last sentence: I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing statements are true and correct. Respectfully submitted this day June 2, 2020. XXXXXX,Defendant, pro se.
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