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  2. @Brotherskeeper its ok I remmber the clerk told me to put my old name on it when I did my grounds of defense. Im almost done with the arbitration form i will show you and please let me knw if i did it right.
  3. Is your old name the name they have used on the summons and complaint? If your legal name is very different I am not certain what name you should use in your court case heading. I am not a lawyer remember.
  4. @Brotherskeeper thank you but Im still learning to be better with understanding as you can see 😊 but no they do not.
  5. First, congratulations on your US citizenship! Second, use your legal name. Do they have your correct legal name on the court documents?
  6. @Brotherskeeper yes thank you. My name has been changed because I am an american citizen now. But its a different last name should i still put my old name as the defendant?
  7. It is because 2017 is when they claim you stopped making payments and defaulted on your agreement. The 2017 agreement is the contract that was in effect when you stopped paying. Make sense?
  8. @Brotherskeeper I printed out the wrong year ?2020) I was wondering why 2017? Is that because when midland purchases it?
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  10. Yes i got this! Thank you this is bettee I can follow all the steps you told me to do.
  11. Okay, I think you've misunderstood what you have to do. You need to have several pieces of paper prepared to turn in. First: do you have a computer and printer that you can prepare documents and print them out? You need to print out the copy of the 2017 Comenity/Victoria's Secret credit card agreement--all of the pages of the agreement--from the government database I linked to. You need to type up the Motion to Compel Arbitration and Stay the Case Pending Arbitiration. I gave you a link to a Virgnia one that only needs you to delete the info that isn't yours and type in your specific info. You need to fill-in the Motion and Hearing form I gave you. All of these things will go to the clerk to be filed. A copy of everything you give the clerk must go to the plaintiff's attorney at the address on their Complaint. You will have to prepare a form that swears you gave the plaintiff a copy of everything you just filed with the court. This is called a proof of service. This you will also give the clerk. You don't have much time to do all of this.
  12. @Brotherskeeper Yes it is very stressf but I cant believe there are people like you guys that are willing to help. So I am very thankful.
  13. @Brotherskeeper when I give the clerk that form do I have to attach anything else or thats later when I do talk to the AAA or JAMS? On this form i just put just found out my right for an arbitration by researching and locatinf a copy of the agreemnt in the govt credit card database archive file. Or do I also add I want to dismiss or dispute the amt?
  14. I know this is very stressful. Yes, please show us what you've put together.
  15. @Brotherskeeper yes i got the right form. Thank you and you are right I guess Im just stressing and I dont know the right words to say. Can i show you what I did before I give it to the court. She said I have until 330 to file a motion.
  16. @Luvmybabas To me that looks like a form you or the plaintiff would use to ask for a continuence or to dismiss the case. It is not a form to use for the motion request. I gave you a link to the form for that. I know the language issue is a problem for you. You have in your thread the information you need to put this together--with some help here, of course. You can do this. It doesn't have to be perfect. It has to be done and turned in.
  17. Please let me knw what you think. Im outside the court because I cant brint my phone in there.
  18. @Brotherskeeper@Brotherskeeper Hello you were right. The clerk have no idea what I was talking about. And I asker her to file a motion. And she said motion of what? I told her motion to compel arbitration. But she still dont know. She asked her supervisor and gave me this form.
  19. I still haven't made a move because I haven't received any documentation from the court, no signed order. Clerk told me today the only way to get documentation is to pay for the court minutes. My mtc order isn't even signed. Judge straight up dismissed and closed the case. court clerk doesn't even have a "dismissed" order to send me. Gonna lay low for awhile because it seems like this is over... I think I can claim victory for a second time. JDB 0 Pro Se 2
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  21. Had the preliminary hearing with AAA today... the lawyer for PRA is really angry now because I got an in person hearing granted. She asked for a zoom meeting to keep costs down because her partner and witness would need to travel. I informed the arb that my internet connection is incredibly unstable so we will see... I guess it's on to discovery now. I plan to ask them for all call records, names of witnesses, etc. I need to write a brief and especially dispute their request that I pay their arb fees and one of my biggest exhibits (I hope and think) is a motorized Bill of Sale that has a major date error. Any tips moving forward on this? and thank you again all of you for your help!
  22. @Brotherskeeper I kust checked they have I think thats the one. I tried looking for pro se handbook but it didnt want to load online so Im not sure.
  23. I gave you a link to a form for motions. The clerk may give you the same form. Is there a pro se handbook for your court? Or a legal aid office?
  24. It may be small comfort to you, but most native English speakers find this legal stuff very difficult to understand.
  25. Do you think you need the assistance of a translator? If yes, ask the clerk how you go about arranging it.
  26. You tell the clerk that you'd like to file a motion to compel arbitration and stay the case. Tell the clerk that you have a hearing scheduled on June 9. Ask if the judge will hear your motion at that time or if you need to schedule a hearing for your motion.
  27. @Brotherskeeper O so I don't even have to ask the clerk. I thought she can give me the form
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