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    If they won't respond to you, get yourself down to the BK lawyer's office and park your butt there until you get some kind of reponse. It's easy to ignore phone calls and letters, it is NOT easy to ignore you when you're staring them in the face !
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    Sounds like your mortgage broker is only worried about his/her commission, s/he is not worried about you. Explain calmly to your broker that you do not believe you owe this money to Sears and that you will need to put the refi on hold until you get it straightened out. Do not, not, not give one penny to Sears to which they're not entitled and do not let your broker pressure you. Trust me...I went through something very similar with my 2002 refi. I was in a panic and let an unscrupulous mortgage broker lead me around by the nose. I learned the hard way and paid a penalty in the form of big bucks to a JDB. One of the reasons I post on this site is to keep the same thing from happening to anyone else if I can help it. Take a deep breath and stay on your BK attorney with phone calls regarding the Sears account (followed up with correspondence so you have something for your files). Sure, $3750 is no big deal to the broker, because you're the one who would pay it, not him/her. Phooey on that.
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    Do not let your broker coerce you into paying this. If it was included in the bankruptcy, you are not liable for it. Once you filed for bankruptcy, the automatic stay shot down any suit Sears may have filed. Unless they got a judgment before you filed your BK case, they are in serious doo-doo. Bankruptcy judges do not like it when a creditor tries to do an end-run around their court proceedings. Not only that but by placing an illegal lien on your property you may be able to sue them for the sum total of the interest you would have saved under the new loan terms as your damages. And that's gonna be a lot of money.
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    Yeah, I'd wait. Need an ivory tower contact for Cap1 for the AU situation?