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    Congrats. FYI- if you are one who likes Starbucks, there is a Starbucks Chase card out there where you get freebies when you use it. I applied for this card three months ago and received $6000 credit line (I think it was $6k), haven't used it after the day I received it. Apparently BK friendly.
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    If the OC is furnishing data to the CRA's, you can request an investigation per Section 623 of the FCRA. However, in your request, you need to provide them with ample reasoning and supporting documentation to justify the request. If they believe the request is frivolous, or you do not provide them with the information that they require, they can refuse to investigate. If you do provide them with reasoning, etc., they are required by law to complete their investigation and deliver results to you within 30-days of receipt of your correspondence. So basically, simply telling them that the account "isn't yours" does not suffice unless you can come up with enough reasoning for them to actually investigate.
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    The only problem with this is that most blood sucking attorneys will not take a case on contingency when they know that the insurance is already maxed out. Most are going to want a retainer which is next to impossible to due when you can't even feed yourself. It really REALLY sucks. For those reading this thread, please think about increasing your insurance limits from the state minimums. It doesn't cost that much more and everyone should be insured for at least 100k.
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    They should be pulling as a "soft pull". What you should do is contact the OC and ask them to request those hard pulls changed to soft.
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    I have been on the credit repair journey for over a year now, and I finally have a real story of success! I've had an old collections on my account for awhile now, and have been trying to get it removed from my CR. The company wanted me to pay over $9,000, but of course I told them "no". A gentleman then tried to contact me and made a settlement offer of $4,300, and I told him to email me everything in writing, and I will see how it all plays out. I sent him my counter offer, and another rep from the company called me and told me that would not work. Well, yesterday I finally got a call from someone that had sense and wanted to take care of this account for me. He didn't just lower the settlement offer to $2,000, but he also sent me a letter stating "As agreed, any credit trade lines relating to this account that have been reported to the credit bureaus will be removed and deleted." I about fell out of my computer chair! I couldn't believe this was happening to me, but I give all my THANKS to all of you! He also put in the letter, "...any remaining portion of the balance and this account will be considered settled in full and satisfied." Your success stories and posts helped me stick through this! I only have 1 more collection account to take care of and then I'm done!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! IT FEELS AMAZING!!! Word of advice: Yes, we are not supposed to talk on the phone to collection agencies, but I had to go through two other people before I got to this rep. They actually called me, and make sure you HOLD the conversation and keep your cool. Stay well educated about the credit repair process. They knew I seemed to be fixing up my credit report, so they wanted to work with me and knew I wanted to get this account deleted from it. Don't always take the first settlement offer. Go with your gut and fight for what you want!
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    The idea of a bailout blows. Investor money gets flushed by folks that willingly took on too much risk. Taxpayers to the rescue. Furthermore, rate freezes on adjusting loans = a massive repricing of debt MUCH LOWER. The idea that investors have some unlimited ability to sustain losses is silly. Why should pensioneers such as school teachers shoulder the burden of speculators and liar loan applicants who bit off more than they can chew? Let the chips fall or we're just shifting the burden from parties involved to innocent parties (investors) that had no part in it.