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    Wow, I didn't know that Pep Boys had credit. I go there, at least lately, since my regular mechanic seems to have lost his mind (he's never around and when he is, his mind is elsewhere, I'm blaming the new girlfriend). It's sad too, because a good, honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold. Anyhooo, going to Pepboys and sending the man there, too. Maybe I should apply. Is it something you get and have the credit line, or one of those situations where you don't apply until you need the work? I probably need more credit like I need another hole in my head.
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    the card is issued by GE and more than likely would be EQ pull. At least that is what all my GE cards pulled. Ok.. here is what I found.. Car Care One GEMB Equifax yes 717 2000 Panama City Beach FL 32401 2008-01-07 Instant in-store approval 0% for 1 yr. Car Care One/GE Money Equifax yes 680 700 N/A TX N/A 2007-01-15 A plethora of new accounts. Asked for 4,000. Car Care One GEMB Equifax yes 682 300 KC MO N/A 2006-12-09 2 ca accounts & 2 open TL Car Care One Equifax yes 756 2000 Dallas TX 75115 2006-06-27 DH Acct - No baddies - GE Card Services Thats all the info for the Car Care One cards (that is what the pepboys card is) However, I searched GEMB and it seems they really like EQ and will sometimes pull TU.
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    Ok, a lil bkground info: I have no/zilch/nada credit history, so have been try to "build and create" some accounts to age. Currently my report has a Visa with $2k limit, and no balance I was just approved for a $1K personal loan (that has not been reported yet, as I found out today). Plus I have Crown which will prolly not report for a while... I called KAYs credit dept today, and spoke with a nice Suprv, a I wanted to know if they granted credit to ppl like me with no score/limited history a card, and if I could send in additional documents like a pay stub to help. She said no it's basically all computer generated, but yes they do give accts to limited history ppl. So I agreed for her to pull the report. She came back to phone and said only Visa is on report, so yes I get an acct of $400 !??!?!! YUCK!!! Sheesh! I asked if she could increase and she said no. We basically agreed that I would call her back directly in April/May when I have a score, and she would look into manually increasing CL at that time. May or may not be a hard pull, as I may be able to fax her with an updated EQ report showing other tradelines and score... What should I do? - should I still apply for Jarrods and JRs today? Or wait till May when score appears? - should I remove the Kay inq via EQ today before it starts reporting? If she ends up pulling again in May, will they know? - or should I call them back and say I don't want the acct and reapply when I have a score? - I do prefer to keep the acct, but only if CL is above $1500, the purpose of me applying is more for the CL (opens doors to being granted such limits with the majors), as opposed to utilization as that is not an issue for me. Man! I feel so confused now...My main goal is to have accts with high CL that I can just let sit and age... Any advice would be appreciated - thanks in advance... BTW, found some info that may be useful: they close accts after 24 mths of inactivity, but a transaction at 1 store qualifies as activity for all accts. - can ask for CLI 10-12 mths after acct is opened if no activity on acct. If there is activity, can ask after 6 mths of good history.
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    OK, they provided proof they bought the debt. Did they provide proof the debt is yours? There are many posts here that detail what should be considered proof. Just a couple are a signed contract and copies of actual charges made to the account. Not that it will get very far, but at least it will show some sort of paper trail. I would respond to the CA advising them that their proof does not constitute proof the account is yours. This is off of one of the samples on this site showing what you should request as "proof": 1. What the money you say I owe is for 2. Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe 3. Provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe 4. Provide a verification or copy of any judgment if applicable 5. Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account 6. Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state 7. Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent
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    Your welcome Krash. In the top right hand corner of the screen in the person's name.... there is a scale by the yield sign.It looks like to me like a cloud of smoke. (You can only see it if you are signed in.) Click the scale and it askes if you approve or disapprove. If you click approve people get a green boxes and points. Remember if you disapprove, people get a grey box. (New peole at this sometimes click the wrong box, and give pout grey boxes instead of green.)
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    SOL would be figured by DOFD not CO by the OC.
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    According to the FDCPA, they have their choice of where to sue...where you opened the account, or where you currently live. If they choose the former, then they have to "domesticate" the judgement to the latter before they can take any money...and each state has their own rules about how easy or tough that is to do. Realize that SOL doesn't mean they can't collect. It only means if they do decide to sue, and your show up, and raise the SOL defense, and the judge agrees...they can't get a judgement. They can try to collect forever (except in WI and one of the M-states that I can never remember).
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    those little freaks did the SOMETIMES on me, and pulled TU and gave me 500 bucks at walmart, what a RIP! And I applied for a bill me later actually a new egg preferred account and it gave me 3200 with cit bank and because they pulled my eq when i did the fico bill me later they didn't run another check from what I was told, try new egg if you are just looking for a card, CIT bank may give ya something.....
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    Yeah... congrats! Badyear, I really enjoy reading your posts!
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    Congratulations and I might suggest you stop bouncing or those will be at your knees in short order. Way to go!!!
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    Just reading some of the posts regarding my dinner from the other night makes me wish I hadn't posted it. Instead of this thread being an encouragement to me, it has just made me feel like 2 inches tall. Or kind of how I feel about me body in front of others. I don't know why I thought I could do this.
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    I think a lot of people attempting credit repair (surely not CIC members though ) don't take the critical step of assessing why they're in this situation in the first place and how not to fall back in the same hole. For me, it was initially a failed business and then I just stopped caring as I watched my credit swirl the bowl. I stopped answering my phone and then pretty much stopped reading my mail too. Since starting the road back, I've done a considerable amount of reading on personal finance. My credit repair (and CIC) is only one facet of my regaining control of my life. I've had to relearn how to manage money and be more conscious of balancing my wants vs. needs. It sounds like you've already started that soul searching and I encourage you to continue. One additional point... that nagging sense of shame and despair will pass very soon. A lot of that is do to the unbelievably supportive people here, but it also has to do with the certitude of finally making the decision to stop digging that same hole.
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    Most women are a little insecure...and some put up a front that they're not. Not a terrible thing...shows they care.
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    That's 'cause we men always f*** up.
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    SOL in NJ is SIX years, not 3, and a credit card is not a 'open account' -- open-ended, yes, but not an 'open account' there IS a difference. IF the account was last paid on in 2001, then it's pretty likely the SOL has expired, but you need to nail down that last payment date. What is the CHARGE-OFF date from the ORIGINAL CREDITOR ? Count back 6 months from that date and you'll be pretty darn close, if not spot-on for the last payment date. It is an AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE, but it is by no means absolute. The burden falls on the defendent to PROVE IT.
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    I have looked over this site a little. I have noticed that you do not favor CCCS organizations, and you completely tore apart poor Ameridebt. I used to work for Ameridebt in 2000, and can honestly say you are wrong on most things you had in your article on them. You may contact me if you wish for specific info on how CCCS organizations function. It is kind of strange to me that you bash these methods of help for people and then you offer your own services at a charge "Rates: $45/half hour consultation, $10 extra to review credit report (single or trimerged) during consultation, or dispute letters $25/15 minute consultation, $10 extra to review credit report or dispute letters." Wow this website must be making a ton of money. Wrongly bash other companies that can help, while at the same time promoting themselves as the savior of the in debt. Anyone wanting real info on how to get out of debt, please reply to this, or contact me directly.