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    Hey, I can't tell you where you should put your money because I don't know what your priorities and commitments are... With that said, why don't you just call up Cap1 and tell them exactly what you posted here, that you don't think you can keep the payment schedule and that you need to make another one. It won't hurt, all they can do is say no, you need to stick to this schedule or get more fees. Tell them you will make a payment today, but you can't make the whole payment...they "may" renegogiate another schedule. You have nothing to lose and a piece of mind to gain if you call them. The people on the other end of the line are just people, like you and me, they can't make you do anything and may even sympathize with you, OR even be in the same boat as you! Just be honest and see where it goes...don't stick your head in the sand or before you know it you'll have compounded fees that you'll never be able to pay off.
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    Interesting. So it's not just the bad credit having irresponsible poor people's fault then? (rare moment of sarcasm)
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    IMO, the greatest benefit comes from a dual rebuild-repair process.