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  1. A validation letter rather than FOAD or an SOL letter would assure that forms 1099-C were kept at bay. But this CA probably doesn't know from forms 1099-C.
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  2. Geeeez, lighten up SB!!! Besides, you can't make political posts here so it's all about the hotness factor. If you want to read some of my posts about her reflecting the political side I can PM you some links.
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  3. OK HIBlues, time to get off your hi horse and stop being an a$$....Promising to pay the original amount due is exactly what I offered, I will not pay the ridiculous aditional fees they tack on and outragous finance charges. When you've lost a job and your house then maybe you could feel high and mighty telling others how glorious you are in paying all your bills. Until then shut up if you have nothing helpful to add, you don't know a particular situation so don't make snide comments. My issues have nothing to do with uneeded harassment of my mother who , by the way, just lost my father to cancer a month ago, you a$$, so be quiet, sit down and let those of us on this board who are here to help each other continue with their work. Chase knows full well how to contact me and where I am, I have been open and in contact with them from the first day. They are doing this simply because they think they can and that is intolerable to a decent human being and should be to you. Shame on you.... BTW the AG of my state immediately contacted my mother and is interceding on her behalf. NJ doesn't take kindly to creditors harassing anyone, whether they owe money or not, maybe you should take a lesson.....harrassment is NEVER justified.
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  4. I don't know much about her, but seeing her and McCain together reminded me of something... Any nerds will know exactly what this means.
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