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  1. Ok, someone here was nice enough to send me a sample letter, so I'm going to sit down, fill it out, and send it off to get started. A couple of questions..... 1) I know that many of my debts, and probably about half of my husbands, are older than 7 years. So, do I just put that in the reason spot "I dispute this debt because I believe it to be more than 7 years old"????? 2) We got our reports from all three companies, and I just want to verify that I send the letter to EACH COMPANY, correct? 3) We both have more than 10 bad TLs on our reports....should we list them all in one letter or should I break them into small groups per letter? 4) Are credit monitoring deals worth it? My husband subscribed to one, if some of our negative TLs fall off as a result of my letter writing, will we be notified via the credit monitoring plan we have (I think it's with Equifax). 5) We just paid off our car, about two years early. Is that a good, bad, or neutral thing for our credit? 6) On that note....we are hoping to buy a new car within about 6 months....currently both our credit is about 550. Does anyone know off the top of their heads when credit stops being "very bad" and starts being considered decent for loans? Thanks everyone so much. I truly appreciate the help. Laid out on one paper, this thing seems really daunting, so I'm just trying to focus on the small steps.
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