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    My wife filled up the mini-van this morning for 37 clams because of gas being $2.60 a gallon... Earlier this week, the Wal-Mart I go to had it for $3.15 and then the next day it was $3.00 so I filled it up. But just a few days later my wife finds it for $2.60... GRRRRRR... This only shows you that speculators need to be arrested because they keep doing the outrageous... They are speculating that the price of oil is going to keep dropping...
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    uhhh...master p...this is texas , not california. contractors are very seldom licensed. electrical,plumbing, mechanical, etc. are licensed. general contractors are not. nor are landscapers. that's why everyone and his brother in this state has an open trailer with lawnmowers hooked up to his pickup all summer long.
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    I'm not fully versed on the legalities of tree work, but I'm pretty sure you need a license to repair/alter trees. This was a subject of a contract law course I took a long time ago. The simple scenario that was presented was if two neighbors share a common property line, and one has a tree which protrudes over a fence into the other neighbors yard... what can that person do, and what are the legalities and requirements... bla bla bla, but it came down to needing someone with a license to work on trees perform the needed repairs. I think the reason is because you don't want someone to cut down half the branches on one side of the tree, but not the other. So, what I'm getting at is that if this guy is supposed to have a license through the state, then there's probably a regulatory agency that issued it. See if you can contact them. If you want to get his attention, leave him one more message telling him that he has until ___ date to complete the work or else you'll have to start talking to regulatory agencies that he has to deal with, the BBB, etc.. Hopefully that'll get his attention.
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    I dont have advice about the ITS letter, but I've noticed that this is pervasive among contractors. With the rental property and me being a novice landlors, I've had quite a few similar incidents. Whether its rug cleaners that don't clean up after themselves or an access drain being accidentally being cemented in, its the same story. And its like I tell the contractors- things happen. Just fix it. The only thing I've found works, and it taken me a while to figure this out, it to withhold a portion of payment until I thoroughly inspect the job. If a follow up is needed, then withhold the amount of money it will take to have someone else correct the problem. This of course won't help you on this issue, but its really the only way I've found the job gets done right!
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    Our gas is down to $2.89 a gallon. It was pretty funny since we have never seen lines like I had seen yesterday over those prices.
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    Time to shop for a Prius....demand should be pretty low.
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    It's $3.19 in Winchester, VA...but DH told me it's under $3.00 near Fredericksburg, VA and the the DC-Richmond corridor on I-95 I imagine it's around the same.
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    gas is still high up here. 3.55 a gallon. lovely NYS has a 50 cent a gallon tax too.
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    Wow...ours is about $3.40 for regular...