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    Well, I disagree with this. There are many posts here asking "Is this proper validation?" I don't believe in getting into a pissing contest with the CA over whether or not it's "proper validation." That's not the battle one should be fighting. Since "proper validation" is never explicitly defined, it's a waste time. I agree with asking for what jennieb said: proof they own the debt, and a complete accounting of how they arrived at the amount they are demanding. I just put it in this context: "I require this information in order to work towards a resolution of this matter." If they don't send it, then you are entitled to say, "The documents you sent do not satisfy my requests, and do not provide me with the information I require to work towards a resolution of this matter. Therefore I am exercising my rights under the FDCPA and directing you to cease all communications with me regarding this matter, and I consider this matter closed." Yes, that's a Cease and Desist, and they might choose to sue. But how likely are they to do that if they can't produce the documents described, since they will need to produce them at trial. As always, IMHO, and YMMV. Regards, DH
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