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  1. It seems to me that bill collectors are becoming more vicious in their collection attempts. Maybe it has to do with the economy, I don't know. Medical has been the thorn in my side also. I have had a little success at "good will" letters to some of the local doctors and hospitals. It might be something you could try. Especially to the car people. Just explain about being in the military etc.... Good sob stories work sometimes. If you try the HIPAA DV....b/c you already paid...I don't think it would hurt. It's not like they will sue you or anything. The most that would happen...it gets deleted....the least...nothing. It's worth a shot. If your stuff is inaccurate...and you've tried to resolve it and it hasn't helped....you could try the BBB and AG's office. Not that they do a whole lot but sometimes it can help with some people. You can file some complaints online with both. I think they then send a letter to the CA and the CA has so long to respond to them. You may have to eventually write some ITS letters to some CA's and the CRA's. Also with Vonage to. Beside installment loans...you need to get a few credit cards on your CR. A good score involves a few different types of loans. I like Crown Jewelry...which gives 1500 credit limit (the jewelry is so-so) with a small down payment. I just bought a cheap ring, paid the small down payment, and received a nice trade line. Credit unions are also good for secured/unsecured cards. There not as hard to qualify for as some people think. Store cards are pretty decent (but high interest) Target, Macy's, etc....just check out the thread "obtaining credit" Good advice there on what scores get what cards. For a mortgage...I think they will excuse some medical accounts but I'm not sure anymore on what the cut off limit is. I'm pretty sure the minimum score needs to be 620 (they go by the middle score of all three) but it would be better for you if you get it above that amount. I know for sure they love to see some savings, 401k's, and any reserves. I had about 6 months of reserves saved. BUT I am assuming you would get a VA loan. They are a lot more relaxed on some things. Talk to the VA office. They are a huge help. Go ahead and cut the paperwork by getting your Certificate of Eligibility. http://www.homeloans.va.gov/eligibility.htm
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