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  1. Now the fun begins. You are entitled to payment of the judgment immediately. Interest accrues at the rate of 10% per year. If you are not paid in full, you can do all sorts of neat things (google "till tap" for one of my favorites). You can usually add the cost of enforcement to the outstanding judgment. Write the debtor a letter demanding that the full amount be paid on or before _____ or you will proceed with enforcement. If you are not paid by then, post another message and we will help to to select the best method of enforcement.
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  2. FALSE... I do something weird. I pry the Oreo open with my teeth, attempting to remove one side from the frosting that is still stuck to the other side. Then I eat the unfrosted side. After that I eat the treat, which is the side with frosting on it, like an open-face frosting sandwich. If the frosting is torn apart, some of it stuck to each side, I consider it a FAIL. Of course I have to eat the fail. TNP eats Oreos the same way I do. (Please don't say that you just bite into them without taking them apart, or worse, pop the whole thing in your mouth at once.)
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