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    I've been gone awhile, but I just wanted to add that I think this is a good conversation to be having...in a respectable fashion, which it seems it has here. I think what's missing from the conversation is the need for financial literacy in this country. I racked up debt and probably looked about as irresponsible as I could as a young 20 something. My irresponsibility was really financial illiteracy. Then I found this site. My reformation was part determination to change my own behavior and part obtaining the right information to be able to do that and also to understand my rights under the law. There aren't alot of sites that I claim had the impact on my life that CIC has.
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    re: "deadbeat debtors" mentioned above... I commented earlier about my husband who is not a scumbag and didn't do well as a collector because he is too nice. He's just a regular person like the people he was assigned to call up and collect from. But did you guys know that, as nice as he is and considering that he did a crappy job as a collector due to that, because he understood circumstances and didn't get joy out of prying money from anyone's hands (despite the fact that he was working that crap job to pay his own bills painstakingly and faithfully)... He became aware, during that job, of the existence of "professional debtors" I'm not going to debate the definition of that nor apologize if that label might be used to describe anyone here... but unless you're unreasonable, you'll know that there are, indeed, people who get their jollies out of rooking anyone and any entity out of every last dollar they can run away with. The things they would do to get out of paying a dollar toward anything and the joy they got out of it was apparent. I just wanted to say that "deadbeat debtors" do exist, to that extreme.