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    If you enacted the freeze yourself, all you have to do is call the credit reporting agency - you don't have to remove the freeze, all you need is to tell them you are going to be mortgage shopping and to temporarily lift the freeze for 2 weeks. You usually don't want to shop outside of 14 days, all inquiries made in 14 days are counted as just one hard hit against the credit score, in addition all inquiries are suppressed from affecting the score for 30 days. If you need mortgage lender access after the 14 days, maybe just get a pin number from the credit reporting agency for that specific lender to access. This will make sure you are still protected. I could not say on the ability to get approved, it all depends on the types of derogatory accounts you have and their status as well as any outstanding balances still owed. Lenders are usually concerned with the most recent two years of activity. If you want to know ahead of time, you can print out a copy of your credit reports and scores, and take them to the lender and show them what you have. Ask if they think you can get approved with what you show them. If they say no - you will have saved yourself an inquiry. If they say yes, then they need your approval to pull a credit report of their own.
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    Exacly. SOL started in May, probaly. Note, however, SOL is a state by state law. You need to read the actual law to be certain. Nobody uses charge off date, but some do vary by a month or two from last payment.