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  1. Its good politics to go after banks and ca's given the number of beleagured consumer voters out there. Robo signed affidavits are being swapped out as we speak. Until then, free houses for everyone!!!!
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  2. Falsifying documents and lying under oath (which false affidavits in fact are) is not "some minor mistake" no matter how many times you insist "these are all minor mistakes" IF (as an opinion) this makes me "radical" then so be it, I do Know the difference in minor errors and outright fraud and perjury....You claim "whole thing is blown out of proportion" THEN say "not dotting an I or crossing a T" when that is not even the beginning of what is known (so far) Really nice opinion/theory, however (yet again) no evidence is being presented to back it up...you see Most folks once you're caught
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