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  1. Thank you CIC and all it's wonderful members who have given me fantastic advice!!! Because of you CIC and it's members I had a CA cave in for complete removal of medical collections. Today a little over 11k and another one a week ago for almost a grand. Reason catching FDCPA violations, and HIPPA violations. I just want to tell all the newbies, yes it can be done! Take the time to read what CIC says, and ask questions in the forums for members to help you. Good luck on your credit repair journey!!! CIC IS THE BEST!!!
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  2. Attack the Process So you have an affidavit with a notary public signature. Many of the forum posts I have read deal entirely with the content of the affidavit and reasons for it to be stricken from evidence. I want to look at one element of the affidavit, that of the Notary Public who has verified the signature of the affiant. For that purpose lets take a look at Virginia the home of one of our favorite barbarians. The Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgement Act section 55-118.1 through 55-121 of the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia outline the format that a notary should use for various a
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