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  1. Trial Cont'd: . . . she then started to whine a little and said she was "at a loss for how to proceed". That she had provided me with most of the info I asked for. She then followed it with, “I guess the Plaintiff is unable to proceed with anything other than what we’ve already provided.” Then there was a pause and silence. I stood there and realized this must have been her pretty much resting her case on her opening statement/argument. I was waiting for something like, “Your honor, this is Plaintiff’s Exhibit #1, copies of credit card agreements” or “Plaintiff’s Exhibit #2 a copy of the bil
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  2. There is a standard discovery form with specific questions for Contract cases, you might get a member to recommend that form to you. When I get back in my office I will post the number of the form. It has some very good questions.
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