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    If I remember correctly (been some time), I filed everything I had with the court clerk, retained a copy of the document for my own records, then mailed a copy of said document to the plaintiff. I do not recall having to notarize any documents beyond the stamp & filings @ the court clerks office. My gosh, almost 3 years later I simply cannot believe this thread is alive! It's amazing how 1 persons defiance against that which is wrong in our society can start a whirlwind of activity to change the way the winds blow Always remember first and foremost: Liars are lawyers....simple enough? Trust nothing the scumbags say and better yet, file a cease and desist order so you don't ever have to hear their disgusting, stomach churning drivel until your day in court before a judge which will most likely not happen prior to a dismissal by plaintiff.....and that's where counterclaims and sanctions come into play. My gosh isn't the law fun to play with when the little guy / gal is educated on the subject matter