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    Hi rte ! South Dakota Codified Laws When there upper left says STATUTE QUICK FIND...then insert which one your look~n~for .
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    South Dakota Codified Laws 54-3-1.1. Rate of interest set by written agreement--No maximum or usury restriction. Unless a maximum interest rate or charge is specifically established elsewhere in the code, there is no maximum interest rate or charge, or usury rate restriction between or among persons, corporations, limited liability companies, estates, fiduciaries, associations, or any other entities if they establish the interest rate or charge by written agreement. A written agreement includes the contract created by ยง 54-11-9. 54-11-9. Creation of contract between card holder and issuer. The use of an accepted credit card or the issuance of a credit card agreement and the expiration of thirty days from the date of issuance without written notice from a card holder to cancel the account creates a binding contract between the card holder and the card issuer with reference to any accepted credit card, and any charges made with the authorization of the primary card holder. Really exciting stuff, huh? This is what you have to learn if you want to beat these people. They cannot enforce this linking per 12 USC 85. They can only export their interest rate law. This is not interest law, the word interest does not appear. What if they linked to this one, would that apply too? CHAPTER 23A-27A CAPITAL PUNISHMENT