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    Finally sent a C&D letter, since I felt more confident after getting the letter with the “due to the age of this [alleged] debt, we won’t sue” language. Hopefully, this will be the last time I hear the name “Midland.” Thanks everyone.
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    @Help arkansas Pursuant to Rule 4(i) of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure, it is also mandatory for the trial court to dismiss the action without prejudice if service is not made within 120 days of filing the complaint and no motion to extend is timely made. Ark. R. Civ. P. 4(i) (2003). Smith v. Sidney Moncrief Pontiac, Buick, GMC Co., 353 Ark. 701, 120 S.W.3d 525 (Ark. 2003).
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    I don't think I would be asking many questions of an OC in discovery. The easiest way (in California) would be to send a demand for a BOP. Or you can do a simple set of request for production of documents. Both of these are in ASTMedics thread that is pinned in this forum. You would have to make adjustments for ASTMedic's RFP's because they were for a jdb, not an OC, but it will give you an example (and the BOP in the thread would work). An OC won't have any trouble answering discovery, but it will drag things out and send a good message (sometimes they do dismiss).
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    After reading this, I wounder if there is precedent in other states for SoL starting with the date of last purchase as opposed to date of last payment? --