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    My wife's been getting voice mails claiming to be from the IRS, saying they are going to "take her into custody." We had fun with these clowns on speakerphone, but just be aware. They are pretty good, at first, but then you realize every "supervisor" you get transferred to is just the same two people passing phone back and forth. Idiots.
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    Hear hear! Also: ~FDCPA and FCRA... Read it... learn it... live it... love it! ~Nothing happens overnight- unless you're extremely lucky. Patience will be your best friend. Anything worth doing is worth WORKING FOR. ~Get advice from many sources- but make up your own mind. I'm not saying you shouldn't trust anyone- but be careful how much you invest in someone else's opinion. ~DO NOT trust anyone to whom you owe money- or claims they're supposed to collect from you- or maintains the records of your payment history. ~Occasionally in any profession, you'll find someone who'll go out of their way to help make things right for you. These people are rare- appreciate the few! ~If it's not in writing- it's NOT. Similarly- if it's in writing but not signed by an authorized individual... you still don't have much! ~Above all- stay on top of your paperwork and document document document! A paper trail proves your case... and good record keeping is vital. Find a system that works for you and USE IT. Any system that works for you is good- as long as it keeps your paperwork easily accessible and neat. ~You are not your credit score!
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    Wonderful Post CreditSultan!!!! Thank you! Things I have learned (the hard way) Credit Repair Companies and Debt Settlement Companies are a joke. If you have a question, use the search function. Don't be afraid to ask questions or to ask for clarifications, we are all here to help one another and learn from one another. Keep excellent records. Keep all of your documentation in one place and continue to write down what you are doing in a notebooks, so if you need it, you have it. Always try to write down the name of the person your are dealing with, if they have any special ID number, date and time of call... etc... NEVER talk to a CA on the phone. NEVER deal with the CA, if you can avoid it. Always try to deal with the OC. Knowledge is the best offense and defense. Never doubt the power of the search function. This stuff doesn't happen overnight, or even two nights. It is something that you will be doing for the rest of your life and that you will have to stay on top of. That is ok though.. it is addicting! Persistance is Key. K... that is all my brain wants to type right now.. but that is just some of what I have learned on the boards.