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    They were all under $2,500 each. They never stated the reason they withdrew. We just got a letter saying they withdrew the suit from the magistrate. As for the win, my consumer attorney just called and said we won. I wasn’t given any details. I was just excited we won!
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    @FLnative I don't understand how AAA in Florida proceeded w/ arbitration w/ PRA, but in GA they have been blacklisted by AAA? Does it vary state by state? Speak of the devil. I just got a court summons from the magistrate (in GA) for a "Notice of Trial/Reset" for this PRA case today! @fisthardcheese The letter from AAA states the below, and the very last line concerns me now. Since AAA declined to arbitrate with PRA, I think PRA just sent me this notice so that it can now be disputed in court. Ughhhh. Any suggestions? Am I going to be forced to dispute this in court now?