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    @BV80 yup opened the account while residing at my current address... they have the address at the top of the suit and the small amount of evidence they have claiming they own the debt
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    Only moderators/admins can see your email address unless you intentionally put it somewhere else in your bio that's publically visible.
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    http://archive.recapthelaw.org/ This site gives you free access to some cases on PACER. It's a good way to view FDPCA, TCPA, FRCA, TILA and other cases
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    Thanks Defendant9! I haven't even gotten into posting much in the areas beyond general civil benchbooks and information that pertain to creditor/debtor cases because that's the central focus of this site.. I'm definitely finding its much more common for courts to have benchbooks and guides on things such as foreclosure, Domestic Violence, harassment, family law, custody, criminal, traffic, DUI, Small Claims, and Landlord-Tenant issues. These are awesome resources for the pro se who needs help in these areas. Of course, finding general civil or debtor-creditor pro se information generally proves to be much harder in many courts. Thanks for sharing!
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    Once again I'm not finding much in the way of a readily attainable civil benchbook for Texas. However Texas Courts Online does have a publication page with a BUNCH of other other manuals. There are fee schedules, clerk manuals, typical civil caseflow diagrams, pro se specific instructions for filing out civil case information sheets, and a ton of other good stuff: http://www.courts.state.tx.us/pubs/pubs-home.asp#pubs
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    A certain collection agency that will go nameless - but has a ton of money - for some reason, let me default them. I didn't dick around in small claims but went straight to County Court at Law. I sent out a big batch of discovery to them, and for some reason, they ignored that, too. I got $72,000.00 for violations of the FCRA (72 violations X 1,000.00) and $27,500 for libel. I'm just going to sit on this judgment until their appeal options diminish. After all, I accrue $27.00 a day in interest on it. An appeal will certainly be interesting, as I had 144 admissions deemed admitted, and they pretty much screw the collection agency in every possible way. I'll keep everyone posted as to when / how much I collect, and if I get even half, there will be plenty of beer buying for all - this place educated me and inspired me to fight back. I also think you're the kind of audience who would appreciate my web site - www.corpreform.com.