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    @fisthardcheese @BV80 @debtzapper @Robby8900 @Brotherskeeper @Pericles @Harry Seaward @Goody_Ouchless @Norfolk&Wayman Want to say THANK FOR ALL YOUR HELP with this journey. Couldn't of done it without your help. Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. Keep up the good fight against JDBs.
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    I’ve been wrong plenty of times. We’re all still learning. 🙂
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    @fisthardcheese @BV80 @debtzapper @Robby8900 @Brotherskeeper @Pericles @Harry Seaward @Goody_Ouchless @Norfolk&Wayman Well it's official. DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.
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    @Jackie1989 “Supporting and opposing affidavits shall be made on personal knowledge, shall set forth such facts as would be admissible in evidence, and shall show affirmatively that the affiant is competent to testify to the matters stated therein. Sworn or certified copies of all papers or parts thereof referred to in an affidavit shall be attached thereto.” Conn. P.B. sec. 17-46 (2017) In your affidavit at # 8 you state, "The first time I saw this "restated and amended agreement" was at the start of this case. The faint signature on the plaintiff's exhibit is not mine." I asked you in a post a while ago if your signatures on your Answer and on the affidavit look obviously different from the signature on the B of A agreement. Also, you said you dug through your files and found a faxed copy of your original Fleet loan. Is your signature on that copy? Will the judge look at the signatures and have some doubt about the B of A signature? Unfortunately your entire affidavit is based on your "personal knowledge, information and belief." As I pointed out a few times, only statements made with personal knowledge can set forth facts admissible in evidence. So, is the statement "the faint signature on the plaintiff's exhibit is not mine," made on personal knowledge? Made on information? Made on belief? You don't indicate which it is. I haven't had a chance to read your objection yet. I'll try to get to it soon.