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    it's just as much your story as mine @SJULawAlum so GUYS the update is that literally RIGHT before I was headed to post office (like mere seconds to send my arb stuff to jams) my lawyer got a call from some dude over at jdb law firm stating they would offer me a settlement in exchange for what I would pay for arb filing fee $250. Obviously my lawyer is a genius (duh) and said he didn't know if I would settle so now feel as though ball is in my court as can use this as leverage to hopefully 🤞get what I want from midland otherwise I suppose why wouldn't I do arb?!? or go through with it rather...so now we will wait to see what their settlement offer is and go from there but just wanted to keep everyone in loop for future people and for my forever gratitude to those on my journey and STILL helping/weighing in. Obviously I am literally blessed with @SJULawAlum who not only is a whiz at NY law, great attorney and just wonderful person... but also to those who've helped me from the beginning and still do @Brotherskeeper and the arb godfather himself @fisthardcheese I don't want to jinx anything but am hoping we've come this far can get what I want🤞🤞
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    @SJULawAlum @fisthardcheese What, if any, leverage does Plaintiff have at this point--if they don't want to pay and go to JAMS? They've sued twice on the same debt. They discontinued the first suit with a (voluntary) dismissal without prejudice. Had their 2nd suit dismissed without prejudice, after having their MSJ denied in all respects, and Shelly7's MTCA granted.
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    @Fisthardchesse should be able to help you more in this. You need the 2018 agreement for Paypal and the 2017 agreement for Victoria Secret. Since you are making the motion, you need to find the agreement. I would take the last agreement before the default (which means if there is a 2017 Paypal agreement, grab that. If they say that was not the agreement in force, make they prove it). Same for Victoria Secret.