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    Bunch of updates here: I settled with BestEgg for about 27.5%. They said they were going to sell it to a JDB and gave me a few options. Lump, or spread out over a few months (at a higher percentage). I took lump A Citi account was sent to Calvary. It was a smaller amount and I ended up settling for 40%. They started much higher so it was a tougher negotiation. I wanted to get this done this year for tax reasons. The citizens bank account got sent to LVNV. THis was a larger amount, think 5 figures. I ended up settling for about 32.5% spread out over 3 months. They werent as tough as Calvary Now for the bad part. I just got served by Suntrust/Lightstream (via Vinci Law). Vinci has been working the account. Suntrust actually offered 40% when they were working it...but I just didn't have the funds. Ever since Vinci took over the lowest they'd go is 45%. I really didn't have the funds then either. So now I need to come up with the plan to fight it. Arbitration is #1 tool although I will try to settle first. This is a 5 figure balance as well. I also subscribe to the Veritas Legal Debt Plan so I have an attorney at the ready.