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    Agree 100%! If for some reason arbitration doesn’t work out, then the regular court/trial route is working like gangbusters for us in California. @Harry Seaward post above (#2) has the main link for the arbitration info. It’s @fisthardcheese’s quite brilliant breakdown. Also @NetworkEngineer is going through arbitration in Cali right now and can give you some great guidance. If you are quite serious about hiring a lawyer in California (or at least talking to one), I keep seeing Ian Choudhury’s name on the forums. I know of two contributors who have used him and gotten dismissals. I cannot vouch for him because I have never used his services, let alone talk to him, but, if I am not mistaken @calawyer has recommended him before. Here is his website: https://californiacollectiondefense.com/ Again, I have never used his services, so I cannot vouch for him. But, I am sure, if you do a forum search you’ll see his name pop up. You can then talk to the contributors who have used his services. Keep us posted!