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  1. Thanks for the feedback. This is all new to me, so I want to make sure to do it right. And yes, I am aware that I should not in any way acknowledge that the debt is valid or "mine" in any way. I'm going to take all you said here into consideration and see what I can make happen. Also, as far as it remaining, that is why the only thing I'd be willing to negotiate with them is a "pay to delete." Nothing else would make sense for me, so unless they will do that, I won't bother.
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  2. A.) I would begin offering based on the lowest reported amount. That seems like a huge spread for a debt that is supposed to be reported accurately. So I personally, apples to apples in your situation would begin with that. B.) You could simply tell them or maybe ask why it is the balance is over $5,000 higher on one credit report. Despite common belief by a lot of folks, me included at one time, not every creditor reports to all three bureaus. I once purchased a vehicle that was only reported to one single bureau, and it was the one that almost nobody checks these days. Not to say they w
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