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  1. That is a perfect settlement agreement. The best you can get. I would sign that and return it immediately. Congrats!
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  2. You can file objections in the court, arguing that the arb award should not be confirmed.
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  3. That is incorrect. A “claim” is not about the selected forum or the costs associated with filing in that forum. A “claim” is a demand by one party for something owed by another party. In this case, the claim was that the OP owed PRA money. In fact, the JDB is the party who originally claimed the money was owed. In selecting arbitration, a consumer is merely exercising the legal right provided to him in the agreement to choose the forum. A claim is frivolous "if the proponent can present no rational argument based on the evidence or law in support of that claim." Hamon Contracto
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  4. Good news -- they're willing to drop the collection lawsuit if I drop my arbitration case 😎 They want to draft up the settlement agreement -- is there anything that I should make sure is included? Maybe verbiage to ensure they can't ever do this again with any other potential debt they may buy in the future? lol
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