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  1. Today, was the trial. It was a very stressful experience trying to defend my case on my own for the first time, especially over Zoom (due to COVID). I did file the Motions in Limine to exclude Plaintiff's evidence beforehand, but the court said that Motions in Limine was only for jury trials, so I was very disappointed. Through the testimony of Plaintiff's custodian of records testifying to receiving them from Plaintiff's assignor, they entered into evidence the monthly statements, charge-off statements, and statements showing the dates of last payment. I've raised objection as hearsa
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  2. jmeyerbiz@gmail.com Oh wow! I can't imagine the stress of going into trial with this - what an awesome job you did! Congrats! And what a crushing loss for them on a $42K account! Objections can be tricky since you have to know which ones to use. Speaking from reading another poster's experience (not my own)... sometimes hearsay isn't the right objection, it might be lack of foundation or something else, etc. I remember that member basically went thru their list of objections, repeatedly objecting to the same piece of evidence until they made the proper objection and judge ruled in
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