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  1. Depending on the particular court, mediation appears to be required. It used to irritate my lawyer that my particular court insisted on it, while others would let it slide. If mediation happens before your MTC is ruled on, just attend and explain the situation, and suggest to the opposing lawyer that he dismiss the case in order save everyone time. The mediators are typically third year law students who probably will know less about this than you. It may be a nice opportunity to educate the meditator about this aspect of law. Anyway, AZ law, regarding arbitration is quite clear and I don't believe anyone has failed, even in the rare case where a bad ruling has to be appealed.
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  2. Both suits settled. Although this was very stressful, it was a great learning experience. I have one more collection remaining and it is Midland. They haven't filed suit yet, but I am fully expecting it. Thanks!
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