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  1. Agreed. Also, MLH, in the letter your wording states "payment towards debt in full". This is not necessarily the same as "settled in full", which is what you're seeming to look for, yes? They may, they may not. They very likely WILL ask you questions over the phone, if you call them asking about medical hardship.
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  2. I pulled up the thread you linked to and just saw the $1k. The only case I know of where a JDB didn't walk away was the one from 2 or 3 years ago with the obnoxious lawyer that apparently went rogue and wasted a s-ton of her client's money. As for the rest, they have been debts as high as $30k; several of those I was pretty sure would go all the way and none did. I really doubt they will see it through on $10k. The fact of the matter is you really don't have any options other than to offer a settlement. I personally wouldn't do that until I see them pay the $2,500 arbitrator deposit. The caveat with that is they will be that much more invested by that point. The odds are on your side, so if it were me, I'd keep it going.
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  3. See below: Short sweet and to the point. No need to take up more than half a page in this thing: Dear Midland, Due to long-term unemployment and disability, I hereby request a hardship waiver of this alleged debt. I am prepared to offer documentation supporting this hardship; please let me know what I need to provide and I will do so. The more I think about it, the more that this letter should simply be a hardship waiver request, and not a settlement offer at this stage.
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  4. You are approaching this from the wrong angle. Midland only cares about your ability to pay the debt. From what we have seen anecdotally on the boards when someone requests a hardship waiver of their debt Midland wants pay stubs (if still working), proof of disability, and/or bank statements tax returns showing poverty level income or lower/insolvency. They do not care about your personal opinion pieces on whether or not you should take the shot(s). A letter from your physician stating that you are disabled and will not be able to return to work is an absolute necessity. Failure to provide the needed proof means they deny the hardship waiver. ALL you need to send initially is a letter stating you are requesting a hardship waiver of the debt due to long term unemployment and disability. Midland should/will respond telling you what documentation they need to approve the request.
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